35th Annual Marketing Excellence Award Winner: Mucci Farms




The Mucci Farms’ SmuccieGrams Valentine’s Day campaign, Jan. 26 through Feb. 14, 2023, gave local Windsor-Essex area residents the opportunity to send a custom SmuccieGram. For $25, those who ordered received a red rose, a personalized package of Smuccies Sweet Strawberries, and a mini jar of Nutella. Free delivery was included, and 100% of the proceeds were donated to different local charities/organizations.

To expand the promotion, Mucci Farms partnered with a local florist, The Flower Shop at Thiessen’s, to set up a SmuccieGram display at its storefront, making it convenient for customers to purchase a gram.

The SmuccieGram campaign was promoted on Mucci Farms and Thiessen’s Flowers social channels and was featured on an episode of the company’s Spill The Greens podcast. A promotional video/commercial was also posted. Members of the #TeamMucci Marketing Team delivered SmuccieGrams, Feb. 13 and 14, wearing branded pink Smuccie shirts and driving the Smuccie branded van.


All SmuccieGram related posts and the launch video received over 350,000 impressions across all social platforms. Engagement rates also tripled in comparison to regularly scheduled content. Although it was a concentrated campaign geared toward residents of the Windsor-Essex area, the campaign reached distant cities/states such as, Toronto, Florida, Michigan, Tennessee, etc. Mucci Farms was even able to ship out some custom SmuccieGram orders to the Greater Toronto Area and to an influencer based in Chicago.

The campaign also received local media attention and was featured on a local radio station.

Since the inception of SmuccieGrams, the campaign has raised over $12,000 for local organizations.