35th Annual Marketing Excellence Award Winner: Premier ProduceOne


Catering Trends Sales Print Piece


Premier ProduceOne’s 2023 Catering Trends piece is a highlight piece, generated for the 2023 year. Premier’s product development team led a combination of customer market research, as well as secondary research, to build a thought-leading piece that resonates with customers in the catering, banquet and country club/event space. Design was image-led, with big visuals meshing with descriptive copy and resonating tag words.

Premier ProduceOne’s sales team has made this piece a key part of their prospecting and growth in the customer category in Ohio.


In just shipped units of the featured Great Lakes Growers salads, numbers have grown by 39%, comparing May year over year. While sales and marketing often have gaps in understanding, customer intelligence and usage causing for lackluster results, the Premier ProduceOne Catering Trends piece for 2023 hit all marks and will continue to produce ROI for the company through the year, with a template for success for future catering point of sale for years to come.