29th Annual Marketing Excellence Awards

Winners Hit The Mark

Winners Hit The Mark

2017 Winners:

• Avocados From Mexico
• CMI Orchards
• California Avocado Commission
• Mann Packing Co. Inc.
• Monterey Mushrooms Inc.
• National Mango Board
• Scott Farms Inc.
• Tanimura and Antle
• UMass Dining / University of Massachusetts Amherst / California Grape Commission
• U.S. Highbrush Blueberry Council

Strategic, well-executed marketing campaigns are hard to ignore, especially when savvy professionals have skillfully targeted the message to an organization’s core constituency. But make no mistake; hitting the bull’s-eye is no easy feat. So, all the more reason kudos are in order for the companies and organizations that have done just that. So raise a glass, or give high-fives to these 10 honorees for winning Produce Business’ 29th Annual Marketing Excellence Awards.

Our intent is to offer readers compelling examples of produce marketing programs that hit the mark. These recipients display not only innovative thinking and creativity, but also consistency of messaging across several mediums. By sharing this impressive collection of winners and outlining some of the efforts, strategies and targeted marketing tactics, we celebrate imagination, sound research and meticulous execution.

This year’s roster of winners is diverse in myriad ways. One clever campaign targets moms, while another seeks to reach influential bloggers, and yet another’s audience is comprised of students.

Monterey Mushrooms created a clever beer and mushroom pairing guide, while Mann Packing Co. Inc., launched a successful rollout of single-serve, warm meals with fresh veggies, grains and sauce. Avocados From Mexico converted a shipping container into the Avo-Matic — a one-of-a-kind avocado vending machine.

Clearly, any campaign that resonates in this day and age employs strong social media components. And, of course, there were plenty of posts, pins, tweets, retweets and likes.

By sharing the best the industry has to offer, hopefully, we can inspire, build awareness, heighten produce sales and consumption, and engage the next generation of marketers.

We’d like to thank all the entrants for taking the time and effort to share their campaigns. We enjoy getting an annual reminder of what this industry means to retail, foodservice and the country at large. With sincere congratulations, we celebrate our 10 winners on the pages that follow. They have more than demonstrated they know a thing or two about targeted marketing and hitting the mark. Bull’s-eye!