29th Annual Marketing Excellence Awards

UMass Dining / University of Massachusetts Amherst / California Grape Commission

Amherst, MA

California Grape Week – A Flavorful Way To Enhance Your Health!

University of Massachusetts DiningThe goal for UMass Dining was to promote the versatility of California grapes, healthy eating and to create exciting menu options using the featured fruit. The week-long special and increased menuing throughout the semester allowed the university dining program to increase the use of grapes through innovative menu design, while increasing the awareness of grapes within dining locations.

The program launched in partnership with the California Table Grape Commission. The campaign focused on promoting the healthy, sustainable and delicious properties of California grapes. In addition to the week-long promotion, more innovative and tasty grape-themed dishes were included in the 21-cycle menu and throughout the grab-and-go operation in both retail and residential dining.

The school’s long-term goal is to make vegetables, fruits, grains and plant-based proteins the center of the plate. Grape-inspired dishes during the promotional period helped UMass Dining achieve its goal.

Grape Week and the fall semester’s increase in grape-focused menu items was successful. Students, faculty and staff were treated to innovative and delicious grape-themed dishes, and were educated on myriad of ways to use the fruit as part of a healthy diet. For many of the school’s customers, it was the first time they sampled grapes prepared in less traditional ways. The dishes served were innovative and full of flavor, and allowed the school to show there are many ways to incorporate grapes into a balanced diet.