29th Annual Marketing Excellence Awards

U.S. Highbrush Blueberry Council

Folsom, MA

Winter Fresh Summer Somewhere

US Highbrush BlueberriesWith an overall goal to drive winter fresh blueberry purchase and consumption in January and February, and the knowledge that social content drives purchase intent among Millennials, the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council identified the following objectives: To generate 2 million views of the campaign videos through pre-roll ads and a partnership with Fatherly parenting network; secure 300 million earned media impressions, including survey results and key messages by March 1, 2017; and to spur 100,000 consumer engagements with campaign content by March 1, 2017.

Primary and secondary research helped the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council unearth insights to guide its strategies. During the winter, six in 10 parents think their families eat too much junk food, and 42 percent miss eating fresh fruits and veggies. This insight allowed the Council to show consumers in a lighthearted, memorable way that every season is blueberry season thanks to the seasonal swap with South America. This switcheroo helped to position blueberries as a delicious way to help beat the winter blues. Social and online media top the list of channels frequented by the target Millennials audience.

The campaign generated more than 2.7 million video views — 135 percent of its goal. Pre-roll ads also generated 13,000 click-throughs to the landing page. The promotion secured 300 million earned media impressions of survey results by March 1, 2017, and generated more than 1.6 billion media impressions through 16 placements of survey results and campaign messaging assets on outlets, such as MSN, AOL and Yahoo. Additionally, the video content spurred more than 149,000 views on the Council’s social platforms.