29th Annual Marketing Excellence Awards

California Avocado Commission

Irvine, CA

Made Of California

California Avocado CommissionPosition California Avocados to be the world’s most valued and desired avocados. Increase the real and perceived values of California Avocados. Increase preference and loyalty for California Avocados versus avocados of other origins. Achieve media plan targets. Inform target consumers when California Avocados are in season and where to find them. Ensure target consumers link California Avocados to summer. Communicate “the essence of California.” Reinforce that California Avocados are the premium choice. Accomplish plan within budget. Make the campaign engaging and enjoyable.

The creative thought behind the campaign: California Avocados are not just made in California, they are Made Of California. The campaign featured a combination of outdoor advertising, print advertising, radio, digital advertising, native content, online videos and social media engagement.

Media delivered more than 400 million impressions between June 2016 and May 2017. Social media showed significant improvement year over year. Total Facebook fans increased by 6 percent to 319,000 and impressions rose by 28 percent to 9.9 million. Instagram followers rose by 21 percent to 35,000. Instagram impressions reached 4 million. Not to be left out, Twitter followers increased 17 percent to 16,500 with total retweets increasing by 45 percent, or 2,000. YouTube subscribers increased 24 percent, to 566. YouTube views likewise increased to 215,000, an 83 percent jump. In 2017, from January through May, 25 retailers also participated with the California Avocado’s Commission custom media programs.