29th Annual Marketing Excellence Awards

Avocados From Mexico

Irving, TX

Introducing The Avo-Matic

Avocados From Mexico CoolerIncrease booth traffic by 20 percent to more than 12,000 visitors. Highlight recipe innovation and new usage ideas from campaign. Serve 750 “completely customized” avocado creations through the new Avo-Matic “vending machine.”

The Avocados From Mexico team converted a shipping container into the Avo-Matic — a one-of-kind avocado vending machine. The Avo-Matic features four computer screens where attendees can select their favorite ingredients to create the perfect, personalized avocado dish. Minutes after selecting their favorite ingredients, their Avo-creation appears.

Avocados From Mexico MarketingAvocado From Mexico’s booth traffic increased by 40 percent to more than 14,000, twice the goal. A real attention-getter, the Avo-Matic was the talk of the PMA Fresh Summit Convention and Expo. Guests continually lined up to try the interactive touchscreen and personalize their menu options. Staffers were able to serve 858 customized avocado creations over 2 days, surpassing the goal of 750 by 14 percent. The brand also collected important consumer data for future engagement and promotional offers. The 2016 AFM booth had the highest engagement to date: More than 40 partner and retailer meetings to discuss upcoming programs and seasonal promotions. Avocados From Mexico staffers were also able to share innovative recipes and usage ideas to reinforce the many ways to enjoy avocados. More than 5,000 food samples were served — a combined total of the Avo-Matic and other sampling stations within the booth, including Avo Toast, Guacamole Bar, and Avo Hot Dogs.